Qigong is an esoteric art, a dynamic game of alternation and search for balance, a balance that is fleeting, fluid, eternal, but rooted deep within the earth, human-centered and extending to heaven!

Qigong invites you to discover the deeper levels step by step, like an adventure with hidden treasures, where all the laws and nuances of mechanics, anatomy, meditation, philosophy, our vital energy are contained! Movement with stillness, relaxation with dynamics, action with retreat, yin with yang, cause body, spirit and mind to expand, cooperate, complement each other and bring joy, well-being and empowerment, with an approach holistic.

Qigong can provide many benefits to musicians, including improving posture and body alignment, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing focus and concentration, connecting with and relaxing the breath, and improving blood circulation, helping to reduce of muscle tension and pain, after long-term study of the instrument.

Overall, incorporating Qigong into a musician’s practice routine can help promote physical and mental well-being and improve overall performance and enjoyment of music.

All of the above benefits also apply to children, where Qigong can become a fun and exciting way for them to learn new skills, explore their creativity and imagination, develop better balance, coordination, flexibility and strength, promoting overall their physical health.

Qigong exercises can help children relax and calm their minds, offering an alternative and more internal approach to the world of martial arts, which so fascinates and intrigues them, broadening awareness, not just of their bodies but also for nature itself, its rhythm and changes, which quietly and miraculously regulate all aspects of life.

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art where each posture flows into the next without pause, with the body in constant motion, with a constant alternation of the Yin and Yang element. Tai Chi is sometimes described as meditation in motion because it promotes calmness through gentle movement, connecting the mind and body, with an emphasis on posture, balance, range of motion and breathing.


Cortas Tsifodimou is a Tai Chi teacher, student of Pierre Kouzmenko, teacher and guru of Internal and Martial Arts. She teaches the great form of the 108th movements of the Yang Chen Fu, with a strong spiral movement, as well as Wu Ji Jing Gong – Tai Ji Quan (13 movements, a large form of 108 movements). She has been taught different kinds of qi gong, such as Xiang Gong, the game of five animals (Wu Qin Shi Gong),) Shaolin Luohan 13 Gong, Kuan Yin Qigong and more. At the same time she has been trained in Tai Ji Jian (sword), Tui Shou (hand push), Tai Ji Bu (walking), Hoang Hai Gong and Zhan Zhuang (The Pose of the Tree).

She continues her specialization near her teacher, and has participated in seminars with Master William Ting, Remi Solliez etc., as well as Do-in seminars, acupressure and shiatsu. At the same time, she has worked the Alexander technique as a tool for recognizing and exploring the muscle and mental functioning of the body.

In addition, Kortessa is a professional classical guitar player and a lyric singer.  As a soloist, a member of musical ensembles as well as professional choirs, she has appeared in numerous concerts in Greece and abroad, and has released recordings as an active member of various musical bands, with current project Dol Theeta.

Having received education from the Salica Geiger therapeutic school, it provides energy treatments from the world of salts, encouraging the personal evolution, expansion and consciousness of the body, mind and soul at all levels.

She is also a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, studying at the Technical University as a topographic engineer.