Getting to know the ancient Greek lyre and the voice as a way of expression

The ancient Greek lyre is an instrument that is tuned on a scale, which makes it perhaps the easiest among the organs.
That is why it is suitable for children and older who have nothing to do with an instrument but would still wish to.
So in this seminar we will start learning simple tunes using both hands so that in the end each of the participants can play the oldest song in the world – which is Greek – the Epitaph of Sicililos.
Along with the initiation of playing the instrument we will explore the vocal potential of each and the ways of liberating these potential. We will learn and sing the Epitaph of Sikilos as well as songs of Greece and the world.

Students do not need to have musical knowledge and will be provided with an instrument at the workshop.

The workshop can be attended by students over fourteen years old.


Thanasis Cleopas plays the ancient Greek lyre, sings, composes and has appeared in many countries around the world such as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Israel, Japan, India and Thailand. In his performances, exept of his own compositions Kleopas plays songs taken from the musical tradition of Greece in a way that one understands his love for the music of the world.
In addition to concert venues, he has played in churches, museums, schools for children with disabilities but also in fashion shows like that of Dolce Gabbana in Sicily in 2018.