The Northen week begins on the afternoon of Monday, August 7, with classes at 17:00, the welcoming presentation of the Volakas Cultural Association and ends on Saturday, August 12 with the final concert. Within this framework, workshops on Macedonian woodwinds, brass instruments, accordion, traditional dance, Byzantine music for women chanters, Japanese percussion, theater, bagpipe (askavlos) and contemporary dance will take place. At the same time, a morning Hatha Yoga workshop will be held.  Every night after the end of the workshops, concerts and other parallel activities will take place in the village square and other venues.  There is free preoccupation of young children during the hours of the workshops as well as numerous activities, mostly free of charge, for the companions of the participants.  The program of concerts and parallel events will be announced in the “FESTIVAL” tab.



Nedyalko Nedyalkov’s and Petros Selkos’s WORKSHOP will take place August 05-09

Songs from Macedonia and Thrace, Drosos Koutsokostas

Wind instruments, Nedyalko Nedyalkov

Brass Instruments, Pantelis Stoikos

Accordion, Thanos Stavridis

Traditional dances, Petros Selkos

Gaida (bagpipe), Markos Pavlou

Master Class: The Chanting Art in the female voice, Sevi Mazera Mamali

Contemporary/Modern dance

Theatre workshop, Novan theatre group

Japanese drums – Taiko, Nikos Souliotis

Yoga, Paschalis Sevdilis