Ensemble & improvisation

The purpose of the workshop is the coordination of a musical ensemble as well as the study of improvisation techniques. The main axes that will be developed are:
– ways and techniques of playing on the melody
– ensemble orchestration
– introduction to the technique of improvisation

Also, well-known compositions of Pantelis will be taught.

The workshop is open to wind instruments (trumpet, caval, etc.) and all other instruments.


Pantelis Stoikos was born in Florina(North Greece) and began his contact
with music in 1990. In 1992 he studied music theory and in 1994 he made his
first trumpet lessons, alongside the piano .In 1996 he settled in Thessaloniki
to continue his studies at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki (member of
the European Union of Music Schools). During his stay in Thessaloniki, he
took the upper theoretical diploma and took her diploma of harmony and
retaliation and diploma in trumpet. Since 2018 Pantelis Stoikos having his
own band, the P.S. Quartet was born on the occasion of the creation of his
new album and the need to present mainly his own compositions from the
entire discography range, as well as the unreleased albums from the
forthcoming album. The first outing of the quartet, a year ago at the Moroccan
Jazz Festival Chellah, was followed by sold out performances at Thessaloniki
and northern Greece music venues and festivals, their on-stage collaboration
with the legendary Balkan music legend IVO PAPASOV and the recent
appearing at the NIOU Jazz Festival in Tirana, Albania, the material of the
new format marries contemporary jazz with elements of Balkan domestic and
wider musical tradition balancing on the margin between East and West.
Pantelis Stoikos sounds moves in the region with elements of jazz and
classical music and has created his own style on traditional – Balkan music.
He has worked with musicians like Ivo Papasov, Milcho Leviev, Nedyalko
Nedyalkov, Petar Raltsev Ferous Moustafov, Okai Tamiz, Michael Mire,
Michael Siganidis, Dionissis Savvopoulos, Haris Alexiou, Papakonstandinou
Thanassi, Alkinoos Ioannides, Floros Floridis and others. He has a large
number of concerts throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa. In the
past five years, she teaches trumpets, ballads and musical ensembles at the

Folk & Traditional Music Department of University Of Epirus ,and has
coordinated many Balkan workshops and not only music in Greece and
abroad (AKTD Belgium, DROM France ). His participation in the discography,
both inside and outside the country, has more than seventy records. His last
record is in the last record of Sokratis Malamas "Road Construction”. While he
is already preparing his new album with his own compositions, which will be
played by his new band “Pantelis Stoikos Like quartet”. PERSONAL
POLYPHONY) – EASTERN EYE – "Live at Moods in Zurich" (2012
DISCOGRAPHY by choice – Paraskevas Kitsos Sexteto – "War" Vinyl –
Angeliki Toumpanaki and Buzz Bastardz (METRONOMOS) – I kadem
Orkestar (music of Messechina) – “Band of Florina of the Balkanis Brothers
with Floros Floridis" (ANO KATO) – “Band of Florina II" (LYRA) – Theodosiou
Spassov-Kostas Theodorou and friends "Sounds" (FM RECORDS). –
Thanasis Papakonstantinou "Agrouvia" (LYRA) – Alkinoos Ioannidis "THE
"SMALL ADULTS" (LYRA). – Socrates Malamas "KATTOPTRA" (M L K)
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