The Eastern week begins on the afternoon of Monday, July 31, with classes at 17:00, the welcoming presentation of the Volakas Cultural Association and ends on Friday, August 5, with the final concert.  As part of this, there will be workshops of Makam, Rebetiko, traditional singing, traditional violin, percussion, oud, kanun, byzantine music and folk guitar.  At the same time, there will be a morning Hatha Yoga workshop for musicians, companions and children.  Every night after the end of the workshops, concerts and other parallel activities will take place in the village square and other venues.  There is free preoccupation of young children during the hours of the workshops as well as numerous activities, mostly free of charge, for the companions of the participants. The program of concerts and parallel events will be announced in the “FESTIVAL” tab.

*the workshop of Vangelis Karipis will start on the 2nd of August (Wednsday) and will end on 6th of August (Sunday) !

*the workshop of Katerina Asteriou will be set as SPECIAL EVENT with a different schedule and cost (see the registration form)

*the Samba Reggae workshop of Thanos Tsalebis will have a completely different structure and is completely independent (see registration form)

The poetics of body

The Makam of Istanbul, Χάρης Λαμπράκης

Melismata and songs, Areti Ketime

Makam and traditional scales: communicating codes of the pre-war rebetiko, Evgenios Voulgaris

Percussion seminar, Vangelis Karipis

Byzantine Music, Petros Papaemmanouil

Kanun, Thanasis Koulentianos

Traditional Violin, Giannis Poulios

Samba Reggae,Τhanos Tselebis

Yoga, Paschalis Sevdilis

Traditional Greek dances, Katerina Asteriou

Acroyoga – Theofilos Kofidis 5,6/8/23

Homo Narrans: fairy tale and storytelling experiential workshop – Stella Tsigou