What are the scales and folkways and how are they connected to our Culture
How do we sing accurately? How we understand what we sing and how we study?
We are going to listen to various singers and explore the mechanism behind their expression in singing
We are going to create a repertoire of songs and tones, giving basis to the “ifos” aka style of singing
We will extensively discuss about the rhythms, rhythmic families and songs unknown to the general public

The purpose of the workshop is … the joy of singing!
Get your pencils and your notebook and put some passion in there…


Areti Ketime (Athens, July 26, 1989) is a Greek singer, songwriter and one of the most well-known santouri players in Greece. Her musical style includes traditional songs, Rebetiko songs and  songs from Smyrna.
Areti Ketime’s career in the field of singing began timidly at the age of 12, when Giorgos Dalaras discovered her talent. Despite her young age, the well-known Greek Musician included her in the group that appeared on the musical stage of “Zygos” (2002), together with well known artists such as Gerasimos Andreatos, Melina Aslanidou and Anna Burma, while he also included her in his recorded work entitled “From the Heart”. A year later, the 14-year-old Areti performed in “Herodeion”, participating in a concert “Dedication to Asia Minor”, where she accompanied Giorgos Dalaras, Glykeria and the Estudiantina Orchestra. In fact, she performed a “Lullaby” , winning the  warm applause of the audience.