Village Of cuLture 𝄞 Art eXperience

Photo Vasilis Kovlakas

In Volakas, a small mountain village in the prefecture of Drama up at 830 meters , with a rich history, tradition and intense cultural activity, an artistic community of restless spirits was born from a crazy idea.

Among the imposing quarries, the dense forest, the wild horses and a breath before the Falakro ski center, this summer from July 24 to August 12 will come to life for the first time the artistic village Volax (Βώλαξ) – Village of culture- art experience.

For two weeks, Volakas will host great personalities of the artistic field. There will be music, dance seminars and more with the aim of bridging the gap between the arts of the West and the East.

Students who will attend the seminars-lessons lasting a total of 27 hours with their favorite teachers, will have the opportunity:

  • To gain access to a large volume of information/ knowledge in a short period of time
  • To spend quality time for 6 days with their teachers and classmates interacting creatively with each other.
  • To enjoy the quiet life of a Greek village
  • To take a brake from the heat of summer in the coolness of  Volakas
  • To enjoy nature
  • To attend many special concerts and enroll in various parallel activities
  • To bring along their friends or family for an unforgettable vacation
  • To spend quality time enrolling in various activities
  • To have their children occupied in the Child Center with free activities for 6 hours a day
  • To enjoy local delicacies and purchase local products

Photo Vasilis Kovlakas