The Western week begins on the afternoon of Monday, July 25 and ends on Friday, July 29 with the final concert and the Volakiotiko feast. Within this framework, there will be workshops for piano, guitar, cello, contemporary dance, electric violin, wind instruments in jazz, double bass, improvisation and composition.  Every night after the end of the workshops, concerts and other parallel activities will take place in the village square and in other places.

Violoncello, Kozalis Christos

Violin Seminar, Andreas Papanikolaou

Piano seminar, Thodoris Tzovanakis

Flute Seminar, Rebbeka Meletiadou

Violin for Preliminary and Lower and Intermediate Levels

Double Bass and Electric Bass workshop, Konstantinos Manos

The art of jazz improvisation, Dimitris Vasilakis

Spanish guitar, Giannis Efstathopoulos

Creative dance and guided improvisation workshop with Photini Meletiadou