What is V.O.L.A.X?

V.O.L.A.X is an artistic village. It will come to life for the first time in the summer of 2022 in Volakas, Drama. The participants will be able to attend seminars for 5 days with a total duration of 24 hours. Every night at 20:30 they will attend or participate in concerts and will be able to live 5 days interacting creatively with their teachers and classmates.

How will I get to the village?

If you are coming by car, put in the GPS “Volakas” in Kato Nevrokopi and it will guide you. You will need about 2 hours from Thessaloniki. If you come by bus, you will take the KTEL DRAMA and then you will take the bus to Volakas. Contact them to be sure of the days and times of the itineraries. If you encounter a problem please let us know at artorroevents@gmail.com

Where will I stay?

https://volax-village.gr/en/pos-tha-erthete-en/ click on the URL and you will find the list of hotels, prices and contact numbers. If you have a problem contact us at artorroevents@gmail.com

What is the total cost?

The cost of participation in the workshops of Western and Eastern Week is 170 euros. In some other parallel events there are different costs or zero cost. You will find them in detail in the registration forms.

Do I get a discount?

30% discount are entitled to:

  • students of the music departments of Greek Universities
  • students of DOK
  • students of DOD
  • Modern Music Academy students
  • students of music school of Drama and Kavala
  • residents of Volakas

How do I book my place?

At the bottom of the page of the workshop that you are interested in you will find the registration form.

What is the program of the seminars?

In both weeks the program is the same:
Monday 5-8
Tuesday 11-2 and 5-8
Wednesday 11-2 and 5-8
Thursday 11-2 and 5-8
Friday 11-2

How many days do I have to calculate that I will stay in the village?

You should arrive by 17:00 on Monday and stay for 5 nights. Your departure will be on Saturday until 12.

Where am I going to eat?

Most hotels provide breakfast. In the village there is a bakery, 2 shops with pies and bougatsa, taverns and cafes that provide food.

Is there anything else around to do?

  • Fort Lisse in the village Fort of Kato Nevrokopi
  • The cave of Maara
  • The cave of Alistrati
  • The ski resort center
  • traditional villages

How far away is the sea?

Kavala is 78 km away, about 1 hour and 15 minutes. In the village there is a hotel with a swimming pool and a little further in Prosotsani there is an organized Water Park

What about COVID?

All the protocols that EODY will impose on us will be followed when the time comes.