The bagpipe of the local villages of Falakro  and Menikio mountain belongs
in a wider family that includes the bagpipes of the local villages
of Eastern Macedonia. Their characteristic is the small voice (Joura
bagpipes) and the tonality range ranges from C to G.
The aim of the lessons is to get to know the bagpipes, to highlight the local peculiarities of the instrument and its repertoire and learn the
songs of Volakas. The lessons in their development will be framed by
daredevils and from the women’s voices of the village, with the ultimate goal of partnership
of all.


Markos Pavlou was born in 1971 in Volakas, Drama. Being resident
of the village to the present day, his relationship with the popular traditions of the village is
experiential. Pictures, memories and hearings from his early childhood,
from his family and the community of Volakas, in conjunction with the
enthusiasm that was born inside him for the art of playing the bagpipe instrument, were the elements up to today of
his artistic personality. Fascinated by the bagpipe at the age of 21, he got first instrument from the performer and bagpipe maker
Stergios Meladinis from Prosotsani, Drama. The same instrument still accompanies him.