From Kastoria to Evros, the sounds are rich and diverse, with many influences from the East and the West.
In this workshop we will work with:
– Basic principles of approaching a melody with the voice
– Repertoire of these areas
– Topological data by place
– Intervals and melisma (Elements of writing, scales, basic characteristics of sounds)
-Voice of the countryside (positioning and management of voice, Monophony and polyphony)
– Sitting songs and amanes


Drosos Koutsokostas, born in Thessaloniki and originally from Kilkis, has traveled to East and West with rich baggage, that of Byzantine and European music, serving the vocal art.

Based on his studies, his personal hearings, his scientific research as well as his many years of interpretation experience, he taught at the University of Arta, at the school of the “En Hordais” Organization, where he also served as Director of Studies for five years, and until today he continues to pass on his knowledge to music students and choirs.

A member of the musical groups “Attaris”, “En Chordais”, “Traditional roads” and recently the “Rodopi Ensemble”, he collaborates with important personalities of the vocal art from Greece and the world music scene, while at the same time following the course of a personal journey as a solo performer, collaborating with important personalities of Greek and Eastern music.

With top moments in his career, such as his participation in the International Song Meeting in London, as part of the “Mediterranean Music” (Medimuses) program, he counts musical trips and awards in all the Continents of the Earth, presentations at major Festivals, events cultural music and theater stages, conferences, television and radio broadcasts.

Some of the places he has traveled singing and teaching include: Marseille, Malta, Copenhagen, Rome, London, Philippopolis, Venice, over twenty cities in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Cairo, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Russia, Tunis, Amman, Lebanon, Beirut, Ukraine, Cyprus, many cities in France (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Arles, Toulouse), United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Majorca, South Korea, New York (Metropolitan Museum), Boston, Seattle, Canada (Montreal, Quebec, Toronto etc.), Israel, Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), Tasmania, Singapore, and elsewhere, but also throughout Greece.

He has written and research work as well as participation in record publications dating from 1997 “Waiting” to 2019 “Thrace-the paths of Dionysus”-Rodopi Ensemble.