The program will include the following daily activities:

Rhythmology – Vocal improvisation – Body percussion

Theatrical play- Improvisation- Expressive speech / text deepening


The aim of the seminars will be to acquaint the participants with the wider techniques of theatre, creative expression, the cultivation of their means of expression and the collective.

The process of the courses will help the personal development of each member of the team separately, but also to create a climate of teamwork and cooperation.

The ultimate goal of the series of seminars will be to jointly create a mini performance of the theater of invention, which will arise with the contribution of all those involved and which will be presented on the last day to the public, completing the cycle of courses and putting their results in ‘ “creative exhibition”.


Vasilis Kanellopoulos – actor, musician

He was born and raised in Lagada, Thessaloniki. He is a graduate of the Department of Music Science & Art of the University of Macedonia and a graduate of the “Uga Clara” Theater Workshop. He also holds a Degree in Trombone and a Degree in Harmony from the Central Conservatory of Thessaloniki, while he completed his Master’s degree in Science and Arts at the Univ. Macedonia

He is a co-founder of the theater production company NOVAN theater group, where he also teaches rhythm education courses to its laboratory groups.

Since 2007 he has appeared in numerous theater and film productions as an actor and musician and has made many appearances as a stand up comedian.

In the theater he has starred in, for example, the shows: “The Coat” by N. Gogol, “The Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by L. Petropoulos, “The Temptation” by Xenopoulos, “Your Death is My Life” by Sakellariou, “Everyone is judged by his works” by Papadiamantis, “Arizona” by Juan Carlos Rubio, “Koutroulis’s marriage” directed by D. Sakatzis, “See the last kiss” by P. Maliara, “Ftystos o Makaritis” by P. Phylaktakis, Backgammon by D. Kehaidis, “Tonight at Stratford” by M. Gavriilidou, “Lebensraum” by Thanasis Triaridis et al.

He has taken part in the films “The Years of Youth” by M. Charalambidis, “The Bricklayer” by Hanna Weg & Matt Johnson, “Shelter 2” by Chr. Nikoleris, “Siege” by V. Tsikaras and in a number of short films.  He takes part in the tv series “Psyxokores” on ANT1 channel.

As a musician, he is a member of the “Plus & Minus Collective orchestra” (free jazz) and the “Filippos Nakas Big Band Orchestra”, while he has collaborated with the Symphony Orchestra of the City of Thessaloniki and with many musical groups and philharmonics.