The workshop begins with a brief reference to the bibliography related to the Anthropology of Performance, Theatrology, Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology. Specifically, the speaker will refer to the performative ritual actions (actions) of non-urban, symbiotic and agricultural communities in order to arrive at the interpretation and performance of the folk song through the “dance”, but also to its on-the-spot capture as the main source of on-stage dramaturgy, as a kind of “spectacle”.

Context – Interaction Content

▪ Acquaintance exercises – Warm up – Creating a Choir
▪ Learning folk songs (dance and traditional)
▪  Vocal interpretation & on-site dance performance with antiphonia (voiced and embodied performative practices)
▪  Alternative group and voice partnership exercises/ teamwork
▪  Dramatization / embodiment of symbols and concepts based on the primary material

Laboratory Seminar Objectives:

The objectives of the workshop are the participants, since they are active in education and culture, they are invited to carry out a practice-based artistic research in the form of participation in the workshop process, so that later, after understanding its cultural context, they can transfer it to the their educational space, where there with their groups, (students, clubs, students etc.):

a) recall to their memory the unity through the actions, which are carried out in the traditional communities

b) to further understand the folk song as the structural and living element of preserving cultural memory, but also further inspiring its performance in modern contexts with different tools, purpose & functionality

c) interpret it figuratively and perceive the humanizing values and skills that arise from the creativity and teamwork of the process.


Panagiotis Sdoukos holds a degree in Theology and an MSc in Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology (specialization in folk song interpretation-performance) from the Kapodistrian University of Athens. He also holds a Diploma in Byzantine Music. He is a PhD candidate at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University. His research interests are in Folk Folk Song and its relationship with the Performing Arts, in Folk Song as a “spectacle” in the context of Applied Ethnomusicology and in the interdisciplinary approach of Folklore, Ethnochorology, Cultural Anthropology, Performance and Theater Studies. He worked as a Professor in Secondary Private Education and as a Research Associate at the University of Western Attica (2022). He organizes folk song seminars and workshops in Cultural Associations and Organizations in Greece, Cyprus and abroad.
He has already published two personal discographies, the singles “The silences”, “Jasmine love”, “Listen to my sky” and has participated in many projects and dance performances at the Herodeion, the Athens Concert Hall and many Municipal Theaters in Greece.
He has been awarded for his folk song interpretation by the Hellenic Association of Language, Arts & Sciences of UNESCO (2014).