The seminar is aimed at flute students of all levels. Technical and interpretive approach issues will be explored depending on the level and uniqueness of each. For children from 7-13 years old with the Suzuki method (teaching through games and interaction). For advanced students who wish to improve their works for a competition or audition there is specific preparation with piano accompaniment. The seminar will include individual and group lessons in flute ensembles and is open to participants to listen and watch. Students depending on their level and readiness will participate in chamber music ensembles that may be created and will have the opportunity to present the result of their work in the final concert.


Revekka is a postgraduate majoring in flute performance with a special interest in chamber music having 2 permanent ensembles the Flaurimba Duo (Flute and Marimba with Fiona Pui-yee Foo from Hong Kong) and an ensemble (with flute and guitar) the Motus Rectus Duo with Alexandros Parisdisis. She completed her studies with the Belgian Berten D’Hollander and in her CV you can read in detail her participation in masterclasses with world-renowned teachers.

She is a pioneer in teaching in Greece the Suzuki method for flute, founding in Brussels the “Int. Flute Studio – Flute Up Your Life” with 40 students which she left behind with a heavy heart. In the past she worked as a flute teacher at the European School of Brussels teaching in 7 languages and at the International German School of Brussels for many years always being active artistically and in chamber music festivals. Since 2018 she is based in Kavala and works at the Municipal Conservatory of Kavala, Alexandroupolis and Neapolis with the ultimate future goal of establishing a space with alternative teaching methods with innovative learning strategies. She specializes in learning the flute (Suzuki method) from the age of 4 already having the first students following these steps. For 10 years she participated in summer seminars where she taught dozens of students from 4 years old up to university level in Porto, Amsterdam, Brussels, Wallonia and Germany.