Body Synthesis is an exercise system that prioritizes the human body as a single functional unit. The focus is not on individual muscle groups but on the human body as a whole. A useful therapeutic method for strengthening the body as well as mental relaxation. The ultimate goal is to ensure the proper functioning of the entire human body through self-focus, functional training and stabilization training in the muscles that need it. It is an essential complete system, friendly for every body, based on Yoga, Pilates and Functional Training with the aim of promoting body awareness.

A “mix” course that combines all these elements with unique tools, the body, the floor, and the sound in some cases. Words that would describe it: bare feet, space movements, jumps, rhythm changes, handstands, balances, breathing techniques, core strengthening, grounding, wellness, joy and fun!!!!! We express ourselves, exercise, have fun and of course: Sweat!!!! Through all this combination of things the person practicing Body Synthesis remains focused on himself and is not distracted from the environment.

The lessons are organized in groups and last 1.5 hours.


“Physical exercise program for the prevention and treatment of injuries from handling musical instruments”

Our physical body is a versatile tool. Everyday life, the way of life that is full of incorrect movement patterns (sedentary life, car use, computer and cell phone use, etc.) create microscoliosis (which is not always accompanied by pathological scoliosis). The same happens during the long-term use of any musical instrument in a specific position. Symptoms of fatigue or dysfunction when they occur are not always the problem in and of themselves. The problem may be a little below or a little above, a little inside or a little outside. So we must observe the body from the bottom up and see it holistically (internally and externally). Many times there is loss of mobility in the foot and pain in the knee… loss of mobility in the hip and pain in the lower back… loss of mobility in the thoracic spine and pain in the neck… Most of the time the person (in this particular case the musician) becomes interested and seeks help from a specialist when the symptoms progress, in short after the damage. And finally what do we do? Stretching only? We must see Shortening as a protective action of the body, as an attempt to cover some instability or weakness. If we stretch to correct a lack of mobility, we are catalyzing this body mechanism and have not solved the problem. The problem needs investigation. But what is the strategy? We are waiting for you at the lecture by Afroditis Verrou (Physical Education Professor) on the topic “Physical exercise program for the prevention and treatment of injuries from handling musical instruments”.


Afroditi Verrou is a graduate of TEFAA Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Serre branch). From a young age, she was involved in athletics in the 100-meter hurdles, but also in traditional dances as the first dancer of the Lyceum of Greek Women of Serres. Training experience in instrumental gymnastics (SEG SIRIS Serron) and research experience in the Sports Medicine laboratory of T.E.F.A.A. Training in Pilates mat – equipment training, Pilates athletic training from the American organization The Pilates Coach in collaboration with the North Academy of Fitness (2004) and from Peak Pilates (2008). Hatha Yoga teacher training from North Academy Of Fitness in 2006. In 2008 trained in Robert Steinbacher’s ‘BodyART’ system. He has dealt with alternative therapies by completing educational courses (Reflexology, Shiatsu, On Massage, Echomassage by Peter Hess) at the Natural Health Science school. He has attended training seminars in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Scaravelly Yoga with various teachers. Training in Strap Training (TRX) and training course in Aerial Yoga from North Academy of Fitness. Training Crossfit Level 1 trainer and Mobility trainer of Crossfit International in 2011. Bungee Fitness Trainer (2018). Partner and teacher at North Academy of Fitness from 2007 to present. From 2010 to 2013 he worked with Nike Hellas as a Nike Elite trainer. He works in the field of gyms and schools and also as a personal trainer from 2004 until today.