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Makam workshop


Coming from a family of musicians,Murat Süngü was born in Istanbul in 1973. He graduated from the Fine arts School of cello section. The musician has started with 10 years old violin and he took Western violin and music theory lessons from famous teacher called Tayfun gültekin. At the same time also from Üsküdar musical society and Authorities he took Turkish music lessons. He served as the orchestra in the various choral repertoire and thus he obtained wide information. Later he worked with yeşim madanoglu and naci madanoglu involving classical music.Turkish art music and the implementation hope cello and string instrument types of mea instrument types of etnich Music section he has an important role in weight gain cello instrument. His Interest in the world of music and education due to have reached a respectable position both in dirty reached a respectable position both in turkey and abroad in comparative synthesis of music. He locates in stage and studio projects, and also he serves as music director and as a musician on the country’s most prestigious string groups named senyaylar and kempa.