Workshop Info

Teaching  of traditional Greek dances from the Northwest villages of the Prefecture of Drama.

Dances and songs of the Grammoustiani Vlachs of Prosotsani of the region of Drama.

Dances and songs from the region of Serres

In each section there will be a costume presentation, traditional of each area.


Asteriou Aikaterini was born in 1971 in the city of Drama. She lives and works in  the Municipality of Prosotsani.

She had first involved in traditional dancing  at the age of 10 as a dancer of the association of the Grammoustian Vlachs of Prosotsani, since her half origin is Grammoustian.

She graduated from the General High School in 1988. Then she got married  to George Kavazis and they together had two daughters, Georgia and Maria.

She grew up listening to the Macedonian pear-shaped lyre, since her grandfather is one of the oldest lyre players in Petrousa, Zemadanis Dimitris, 85 years old today.

As a dancer she participated in many events at home and abroad (Hungary, Skopje, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France).

In 1995 she started teaching Greek traditional dances in clubs in her area.

She had many participations with her teams in various festivals in Greece and abroad.

She sewed traditional costumes for the needs of her dancers and not only. She has participated in dance seminars, in order to learn the tradition, manners and customs from various regions of Greece.

In her dance groups, she teaches dances from various regions of Greece.

Her love and respect for the traditional knowledge, led her to her begin a research work.

Since 2000, a recording of  research data began by her in the local villages of Drama, Petrousa, Kali Vrisi, Pyrgi, Pagoneri, Monastiraki, Volakas, Xiropotamos, Mikropoli, mainly in music.

Her first official recording was published in 2005 entitled “The songs of the inhabitants of Mikropolis” of the Municipality of Prosotsani.

In 2005 and 2006 she presented traditional dances at the Balkan Festival of Thessaloniki, at the invitation of the organizers.

In 2010 she presented traditional dances at the Municipal Conservatory of Drama, the recording of the Grammoustian Vlachs of Prosotsani under the title “History of Vlach routes of Eastern Macedonia”. She presented this presentation in Kryoneri and Sykies, Thessaloniki, invited by the local Associations in the context of their events, together with the dance group of the Grammoustian Vlachs Prosotsani, where she analyzed their music and dance movement.

From 2009 to 2012 he was in charge of the sets as well as the presentation in “Kalesmata”, of this big meeting with bagpipes in Orini, Serres.

In the summer of 2013, invited by the Association of Startsovites “Agios Minas” in Petritsi, Serres, he made a recording for the bridal market which he then directed and presented.

She participated in the state television programs “Ellinon dromena” and “O topos kai to tragoudi tou”, with Kali Vrysi and Petrousa.

She was in charge of choirs consisting entirely of elders in Kali Vrysi, Pagoneri, Mikropoli and Petrousa.

She gave seminars for the dances of the natives in France, Germany, Serbia and Denmark.

Many bands in Greece, showing the authenticity, simplicity and grandeur of its place (Kyklos Thessaloniki, Laikotropo Kavala, Lailias Serron, Rizes Tegeas-Tripoli.

In Athens in the dance group of George Liaros.

In 2005 and 2006 invited by Petros Selko to the baths of Aridea to teach dancers from various European countries.

In 2008 he taught at the “Meeting of friends and dancers of tradition” in Preveza.

In November 2009, invited by the Greek community of Las Vegas, she taught at the dance seminar entitled “danced”.

In March 2011, in Aridea, invited by the Almopes to the 11th “Dance Seminar”.

In May 2011, in Endmonton-Alberta, Canada, invited by the band “Kyklos”.

In August 2012 she taught at the beach of Katerini for the 2nd Greek Dance Seminar organized by “Pro Pantos”.

In October 2012 she taught in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In February 2013 she taught at the “Rizes” Greek Dance Group in Athens.

In March 2013 she taught at the 1st dance seminar organized by the Cultural Association Agia Sofia-Feron of the Prefecture of Evros.

In April 2013 she taught in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In August 2013, invited by Petros Selko to the baths of Aridea, she taught dancers from various European countries.

In February 2014 she taught at the Chalkida Dance Club in Chalkida.

In February 2014 she taught at the “Molyvos” Association based in Athens.

In October 2014 she taught at the dance seminar organized by the Kavala Dance Club.

In October 2014 she taught again in the Netherlands.

For 3 years she was responsible for planning and public relations of the Prefecture of Drama for the European Organization for Strategic Planning European Network for Regional Development (EOSF-EDPA)

She was responsible for organizing, curating and presenting the events for the Christmas (Pyrsoupoli) but also the summer (Seven-day events in honor of the Prophet Elias) of the Municipality of Prosotsani from 2007 to 2009.

Throughout the year, she welcomes dance groups who want to get to know her area.

Guided tours are provided by her and always in collaboration with local agencies.

Visitors are taught dances and then feast with local musicians and dancers.

Organizes educational visits to various parts of Greece in order to get to know the place.

Always in collaboration with the institutions there, its groups are informed about the culture of the place through guided tours, information about the music, dance and costume tradition.

In May 2014, the “Traveling to Hellas” cultural trips started with various destinations throughout Greece, with participation from many regions of Greece, Cyprus and other countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic).

Culture, folklore, tasting trips, history, language, song and dance lessons.

In 2015 he started the Dance School “Epilinios” in Chania, Crete.