The Eastern week starts on the afternoon of Monday, August 1st and ends on Friday, August 5th with the final concert and the final traditional feast. Within this framework, workshops of traditional percussion, arched instruments, traditional wind instruments, polyphonic song, Byzantine music, traditional dance, oud and canun will be held. Every night after the end of the workshops, concerts and other parallel activities will take place in the, school, the central square and in other beautiful spots.

Traditional Singing, Katerina Papadopoulou

Put your taximi in order! Improvisation in traditional music, Socrates Sinopoulos

Oud seminar by Eugenios Voulgaris

“Tropos” of the Greek and Balkan clarinet, Manos Achalinotopoulos

Byzantine Music, Petros Papaemmanouil

Traditional Greek dances, Katerina Asteriou

Percussion seminar, Vangelis Karipis

Kanun, Thanasis Koulentianos